Baker Rigging


Baker Rigging is the home of the only all Electric 66 Ton and 110 Ton pick and carry Ormig cranes in North America!

The Ormig is safe to use indoors in a clean environment – it is completely electric. Zero Emissions.

The Ormig boasts a very tight turning radius that fits in small spaces. The steering radius is as limited as possible because the crane rotates on itself thanks to two slewing bearing units positioned in the rear wheels; the hydro-pneumatic suspensions system assures a perfect distribution of the load on the rear wheels.

Our fork fixture converts the Ormig into a 52K reach lift, saving you time and money.

Electric Ormig Mobile Cranes

Our electric 66T and 110T Ormig cranes are the ideal indoor solution for almost any lifting application.
Zero emissions make them perfect for clean room facilities and food-grade locations.