Baker Rigging


Proven programs for safe and effective training for the crane and rigging industry. Programs consist of extensive classroom instruction, audio visual aids, challenging workshops and real world applications. Hands-on training is available using your cranes or ours.

Mobile Elevated Work Platform Operator (Aerial Lift)

Forklift Operator

Mobile Crane Operator

Overhead Crane Operator


Basic Rigger

Intermediate Rigger

Advanced Rigger

We provide preparatory training for NCCCO exams in the following Categories: TSS, TLL, LAT, ABC, RGR1, SGP. Call 602-799-6251 to reserve your spot in the next available class or email  us.

TSS = fixed cab
TLL = swing cab
LAT = lattice boom
ABC = articulated boom
RGR1 = rigger 1
SGP = signalperson

Custom Programs

Training can be customized for your specific needs. Call us today at 602-799-6251 to discuss how we can help or email us.